“Over the past two years we have had the opportunity to develop an amazing partnership with the Educational Access Group. Their insight, expertise, and support has proven to be invaluable in assisting with educating our staff in how to approach education from a whole child perspective. Looking through the educational lens with Trauma Informed Practices, is much more than just a “buzz phrase”, but truly a scientifically supported and evidence-based outlook that is imperative for scholar success. With the help of EAG, support from Admin and Leadership, and commitment from staff our culture and MTSS systems in our building have drastically improved, even during these uncertain times. EAG not only meets with staff at a universal level, but also offers their knowledge through a more targeted approach by the use of a Core Team which includes Admin, behavioral interventionists and mental health staff, empowering us to be able to coach our teachers on ensuring appropriate implementation of skills. Furthermore, the mental health team has the opportunity to become NME trainers, which empowers us to use education surrounding brain science.”

– Nikki Olson & Megan Cirello, School Counselors, Omar D. Blair K-8 Charter School

“Since starting our journey learning with The Educational Access Group at DGS I have seen so much positive change in our teachers, students, systems and community. Our core team has been able to dig deeply to address system level changes and our community relationships. Teachers are eager to meet and discuss how to support struggling students using the trauma-informed lens. Our students are feeling more accepted, safe and successful! EAG has provided a trajectory of learning that blows any other district trauma PD out of the water- and I’ve been to all of them. I really can’t explain how deeply this learning has changed my mindset, our staff mindsets, our behavior and how those changes are positively impacting our students and families.”

– Anna Arnold, Ed. S., School Psychologist , Denver Green School

“Working with Katie and Halley through Educational Access Group has been an enriching experience for me and our whole Neurosequential Model Network.  They truly coach educators, teaching them essential neuroscience concepts coupled with solid ideas on how to use that knowledge effectively in the classroom.  As coaches, they’ve demonstrated the need for patience in making lasting change and have always respected the challenge of being an educator in these times.  This has resulted in staff safety, encouragement, and success as evidenced by students who are finding school therapeutic and academically accessible.”

Steve Graner, NME Project Director, Neurosequential Network

“For the first 5 years of my career in education, I always had a nagging feeling that I was missing something vital for my practice. I understood the importance of culturally responsive pedagogy, studied no-nonsense-nurturing practices, appreciated the implementation of restorative justice. But, I felt that there was some part of classroom management for the high-poverty population that I was missing. Then, my school had the opportunity to work with the Educational Access Group and learn the heart of Trauma-Informed Instruction. The trainings, conversations, tools, techniques – the entire experience – was the single best training I’ve had as a teacher. Two years later and I still use the information I gathered there. This experience filled in the gap I knew I had as a teacher because it helped me learn how to hold students accountable even if they have different emotional and behavioral needs. My favorite quote from the year was “we are ok with scaffolding reading needs – if a kid can’t read, we help them. Why do we have such a resistance to scaffolding behavior?” The Educational Access Group helped us learn not just the how, but the why behind behavioral scaffolds, and I will be grateful for the experience for the remainder of my career.”

– Coza, Educator, Denver Public Schools

“As an educator in an elementary school setting, working with the Educational Access Group provided me the best professional development I have received. Their model for implementation of trauma-informed approaches allowed me to better understand individual students in my classroom. This allowed me to create a classroom where my students felt safe, it gave them a place to learn, and a setting where they felt understood. The Educational Access Group filled a gap in my knowledge of how I could best serve my student that had a very positive on myself as an educator, but more importantly my students.”

Bianca, Educator and Private Tutor, Denver Public Schools

“In my experience, EdAG has had a tremendous impact on schools by collaborating with staff in order to develop and implement effective, evidence-based strategies that allow schools to focus on the whole child. They meet schools where they are and help them identify, create and monitor the systems and structures that will support the school’s unique needs and goals. I have seen firsthand how their work ultimately improves both academic and social emotional outcomes for students, as well supporting the staff in their own personal and professional development in order to fully understand how to best meet the needs of a diverse student population. Schools that partner with Educational Access Group will find true partners in the work, professionals they can count on to be knowledgeable, innovative, approachable, and supportive throughout the entire partnership and beyond. A partnership with EdAG can mean the difference between a just another “flavor of the month” program to a true and effective initiative that has a lasting impact on both students and staff.

– Laura M. Burke, M.Ed. , Principal on Special Assignment, Division of Equity in Learning