What Do We Do?


We established the Educational Access Group so that students could thrive in education not just survive the system.

The Work:

The work of the Educational Access Group focuses on the sustainable implementation and impacts of trauma-informed approaches in traditional school settings using their four component, Sustainably Integrated Trauma-Informed Education Framework (S.I.T.E. Framework).


The four components provided and/or facilitated by the Educational Access Group, which are mutually informing include:

  1. Comprehensive evaluation
  2. On-site staff support and consultation by an experienced classroom teacher with training and expertise in brain development and trauma-informed approaches
  3. School-wide professional development trainings
  4. The establishment and facilitation of a select group of school staff known as the “Core Team”

The overarching objectives of the Educational Access Group in supporting/partnering with schools is to ultimately: help students remain productively in the classroom; make learning accessible to ALL students; support students and staff in a safe context; enable students to develop, practice and master skills in the settings and spaces where they are asked to demonstrate them; equip staff with the knowledge, skills and support needed to appropriately and positively teach, engage and form relationships with ALL students; and to decrease staff burnout and improve staff job satisfaction.When a school partners with the Educational Access Group they are making a commitment to the sustainable integration of trauma-informed approaches into their school culture, systems and academic practices.